Transition Binder

A ‘how to folder or binder’ for our survivors helps those of us who survive and is the greatest gift to our families and friends.   Various forms of these “what to do in case of my death or disability” forms are around. Some or most are very detailed and complicated and in today’s society tend to be worthwhile goals but often not completed.


Often Burgess Law advises clients begin with the following and build from there:


  • Annual Statements and Last Year’s Tax Return
    • Bank Accts, IRAS, 401ks, pensions, investment accounts
    • Statements can be net worth // income expense from Quicken


  • Passwords for digital assets and social media


  • Contact Numbers for Advisors, both Financial and Health and others, etc.


  • Estate Planning Documents include wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and health care directives


  • Checklist for Disability / Death to-dos:
    • Disability care plan and alternatives / Caregiver Agreement – relatives
    • Funeral memorial gathering plan
    • Contact list for memorial gathering
    • Photo thumb drive for memorial gathering
    • Adult child on funeral account or prepay funeral


  • Final to-do……………………….sell the baseball and stamp collection and Florida or West Virginia lot or time share now