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Burgess Law is located in Baltimore County, Maryland in two locations: Perry Hall (Nottingham) and Jacksonville (Phoenix).  

The firm provides a range of legal services with the personal contact and approach inherent with a smaller firm.   

Doug Burgess has practiced for over 40 years and is widely regarded by his clients for his problem solving skills and analysis of legal issues. 

Wills, Trusts & Estates

Estate planning is a sensitive and complex process. Burgess Law provides representation in all aspects of wills, codicils, trusts, tax planning, and estate related matters such as:   Power of Attorney   Advance Medical Directives & Living Wills Trusts - Revocable Living Trusts & Post-Mortem  Insurance Trusts  Charitable Planning  Estate Administration - Probate and Non-probate  Trust Administration  Tax Planning 


Real Estate Law

Mr. Burgess advises a variety of clients such as developers, business owners, and commercial landlords in matters relating to:   Lot/Boundary Line Disputes   Adverse Possession Commercial Lease Disputes Failure to Pay Rent for Retail/Office Leases  Construction & Contract Disputes  Collection and Enforcement Mortgage Collection and Foreclosure


Business Law

Providing a broad spectrum of client services including complete representation for issues regarding:  Entity Formation Corporations, Partnerships & Limited Liability Companies Sole Proprietorships  Commercial Transactions  Purchase and Sale of Business Reorganization of Business   Refinancing  Zoning and Land Use Development Alcoholic Beverage/Liquor Law

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